Renaming Favorites: Where Is the Default Folder?

I already use duplicate. My objective is that I want to create a library or the equivalent of those macros. The equivalent of favorites but for complete macros including triggers
thank you Vincent.

You could do as @vincent_ardern's suggests and make a copy of the Macros. Put them into a Group. Disable that Group (which will stop any of the copies from triggering) and you will have your Library of Macros.

I have done this in the past. But to be honest it's usually quicker just to make a copy of the Macro you want to use as a template. Just be careful to edit the "copy" rather than the original... I've accidentally edited the original many times...


It's exactly what I would do. thanks !

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My apologies for misunderstanding your reply which @Zabobon had to explain for me to understand. Excellent solution which I will adopt. thanks very much !