Renaming individual images in photos app

I use the photos app on my Mac to store all my photos, organizing them into various albums based on location or time. I’d love to rename all the images inside each album to reflect the album name so that when I export individual pics, the filename is more descriptive than just IMG_1234.jpg. Can anyone help me set up a macro for this?

There’s a user on this forum, @ccstone, who’s an expert at things like this. I haven’t seen any activity from him on the forum this past week, so he may be on vacation.

So if you don’t get an answer from someone else, just hang on until Chris gets back from wherever he is.

I’m not certain this is something which needs Keyboard Maestro.

  1. In Photos, select an album to view its contents
  2. Select all (or some) of the photos in that album.
  3. Use Window > Info (or Command-I) to bring up the Info window.
  4. In the Info window, add a title to be applied to all the images from Step 2.

Later, when you use File > Export, setting the File Name dropdown menu to Use Title will apply your title from Step 4 to all of your exported images.

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Holy moly, had I known it would be that easy… Thanks for the tip - I had no idea I could do that!