Repeat a set of actions until I click [Continue] button

Ok, here I am again about 45 mins researching KM wiki and forum and I can't figure out how to do something that I'm sure is so simple.

I have an existing macro that works but I want to improve it by adding a few actions that would loop.

So far I've had some success by putting those actions inside an "Execute Actions Until Conditions are Met". Like this:


What I can't figure out how to break the loop so that it continues to whatever actions follow.

I thought that if I rename one of the buttons in the Prompt to Continue and type the same "Continue" text insdie the Until > A button: > with this name – the loop would break.

Not working. No matter which button I click it doesn't break out of the loop, it just keeps looping.

I've been using KM for years now (and pay for the upgrades) and I still get stuck with simple things. Why can't an easy to loop action be added to KM that allows you to use it out of the box? I have a feeling that to do what I need to do above, will require variables. Why make your users have to research the wiki and research the forums just to do something simple? I know I'm not alone in wishing that simple things like these get added. Every time a new update for KM comes out I hope that it has improved in ways that make this tool easier to use. Not everything should require a programmer's mindset or dexterity. Often times we resort to KM exactly because we are short with time. No? And to have to spend so much time [and energy] researching and tyring to make sense of how this tool works just makes it for a frustrating experience.

Judging by how little KM has evolved over the years I don't have any high hopes that it will become easier to use. It really is a love/hate relationship I have with this tool.

Sorry for the rant but it's almost 11pm and I'm tired and frustrated.

Thanks for any help.

To answer your immediate question: the button condition you're currently using refers to buttons in other apps, like the Open and Save buttons in a file dialog. The condition you need to make your loop work as intended is just text containing the %PromptButton% token, like so:


I'm sorry you've been having trouble getting KM to behave as you want. Unfortunately, no piece of software can be attuned exactly to how each user's mind works, but this forum is the next best thing to helping each other fill in the gaps in our knowledge. For what it's worth, I'm also not a programmer and also used KM for years without really taking advantage of its full potential, but once it clicked for me it became much easier to use and even more of an essential tool. Hopefully you'll manage to find a similar turning point eventually.