Repeat for All Windows?

I keep finding myself wanting to iterate over the windows of a specific or front application. I end up going into AppleScript for this. Is there / should there be a For Each variation for this? (The case at hand is closing all Safari Web Inspector windows, because every time I run a JXA script I get a new window, so they proliferate.)

You could start with something like this:

Works also without the “While” condition. Just:

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Ah. Missed that variation on the While conditions and the Window action. Both of those will work for my immediate need and most others, so thanks. For anything where I need to do something that is not included in the while conditions and window actions its no problem to resort to AppleScript, but it looks like most of what I need is included in KM (as always :-)).

Hey Mitchell,

I prefer to use AppleScript for that sort of thing when possible, but it's easy enough iterate through windows by index with Keyboard Maestro:

If you look at my List Windows Keyboard Maestro Can See v1.1 macro you'll find some more techniques.


Iterate Through Windows by Window Index.kmmacros (2.1 KB)

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