Repeat function as long as key is pressed

I want to create a shortcut that will emulate that I hold down the minus key on the numeric keypad. This will cause Logic Pro X to rewind. So I create the shortcut and assign the ctrl+< key as hotkey and select the Press and hold function in the action setup, but it doesn’t work. Logic will rewind one bar - as if I just hit the minus key one time, but the repeat function doesn’t work.
What can I do?

Hi Stig,

The discussion in this topic might get you started, the main idea being a check to see if the hotkey is still depressed, and making/continuing actions based on that check.

Actually, it may be enough to change your hotkey to "is down" instead of "is pressed."


Thanks for your reply!
But why doesn’t this work?

AH, i misestimated your current macro. You could do something like this:

Press and Hold actions will only continue to hold the key/button/modifier until the macro completes. If you want it held down, then you will need to keep the macro running, perhaps with a Pause Until action with the Key condition.

AppleScript and System Events can hold a key down past the completion of the script.

That can get dangerous though. You must have a scripted means of resetting the key, or you’ll find yourself rebooting.


Yes, this is very much a design decision. There is a lot of code in there to ensure the keys or buttons are not held down past the end of the macro.

Otherwise if you press and hold say the control key, your Mac becomes basically unusable.