Repeat Palette Macro [SOLVED]

Hi all.
I :heart: palettes. One issue is that when a palette entry is triggered, the palette disappears. This is normal — but in certain cases I want to repeat a macro.

I trigger this with Hyper Q (⌘⌥⌃⇧Q).
I want to repeat the volume triggers until i hit escape that is,
I want to continually press K ( thereby raising volume ) until I hit escape.


Naive solution does not work:

Has anyone done anything similar?

Click on the Shows a palette for one action popup to find an option you prefer to that.

:person_facepalming: Agh - that was slightly embarrassing.

Thank you mrpasini!

I can live with the toggling the macro palette with Hyper Q.

Oh don't feel embarrassed. Keyboard Maestro is so rich with options, it's hard to keep them all in mind -- particularly when you need them!