Repeated Crashes, Slow-Downs, and Strange Behaviour in KM

UPDATE: This looks like the culprit, from the Editor log:

2023-12-04 18:18:46 Failed to get index expression for [ Local_WindowIndex ]
Last message repeated 3984 times

…and there's a ton of those, about one every 10-30 seconds.No idea why the Editor is trying to resolve that expression (as "Evaluate Expressions" disabled), or why it keeps repeating the message so many times.

I've suddenly run into a bit of strangeness with KM. In all the years I've used, I've never experienced any issues - I'm guessing the cause is another application.

Hot Key Triggers for KM

Hot Key Triggers for macros affecting the KM editor (like using CMD-G to group Actions), behave strangely. However, Hot Key triggers for other apps work fine. In KM:

  • Sometimes they work; sometimes they don't, and most interestingly – sometimes they only work if I click the right mouse button after pressing the Hot Key.
  • Each of the three behaviours will manifest for an hour or so, and then switch to one of the others.
  • Neither cancelling all macros, or restarting the engine, has no effect. (I just have to "wait" until the behaviour changes.)

These behaviours began when I started using the KM plugin with the StreamDecks. I'm changing icons - a lot of them. I first did this with asynchronous macros, which I then figured was a factor—but the behaviours continued when I disabled that functionality.

Another phenomenon that points to something StreamDeck-related is that UI Browser is somehow triggering macros that should only be triggered by pressing keys on the StreamDecks. Wondering if this could be a spin-lock situation with the StreamDeck software?


KM has never crashed for me, over years of use. It's crashed three times since this started, yesterday. (I've sent in a crash log.)


At one point, I noticed that entering text in the KM editor was very slow—I figured this was a result of accidentally running too many macros, so I quit KM Engine. That solved the slow-down, but the other behaviours continued, and there wasn't another slow-down. I do have the maximum number of macros set to 200, but it's very rare that I encounter such a slow-down, and this has always happened periodically over the years – quitting the engine always fixes that.


Has anyone else (especially using the latest StreamDeck software (6.4.1) experienced these issues?

I'm running Stream Deck 6.4.1 and have no issues.

I think you should check both the Engine logs and the Editor logs at the time it crashes or slows down. There's a 50% chance you will find an important clue in there.

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Will do, thanks - I'd only been checking the Engine logs. I see there's also a StreamDeck log in there.

Failed to get index expression is a token error, so it has not much to do with Evaluate Expressions.

Token results are displayed in many actions, but generally they should only be evaluated about once per second, but it is possible the message is being repeated a lot over a longer period of time since the editor does not post a lot of log messages.

If you included your email address with the crashes, contact so I can take a look at them for you (and if you didn't, contact support and include the crash reports).

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