Replace Chrome's “Reveal in Finder” behavior

Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “Chrome - Reveal in Finder” Macro

Chrome - Reveal in Finder.kmmacros (43 KB)

Since Google Chrome 69 or so ⌘-clicking a newly downloaded file badge (where it shows at the bottom of the browser) no longer Reveals in Finder, but opens the downloaded file — same as straight clicking. Found another query about it here but no solutions.

This macro grabs a modified-click (I used ⌘⌥-click) to hack together the old behavior. You will have to change the trigger to capture your particular mouse/device, and you might have to recapture the image used in the "Click at Found Image" action, but the simple combination works very well and I'm very happy to have the behavior —however hacky— back.

Used ⌘⌥-click instead of ⌘-click because I will likely still want to ⌘-click links in the browser window itself.

If there's any way to only capture clicks at the bottom 100 pixels of the front window I'd love to know how.

Hope this helps someone.

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