Replace Dropbox Photo Uploads

I have a broken workflow due to Dropbox now requiring the pro version (charging) for uploading new photos to Dropbox.

The workflow is simple:

  • when i launch the iOS Dropbox app it starts to upload new (not previously uploaded) photos to my Dropbox. I then have Hazel monitoring that folder moving the photos to my NAS (Synology) for long term storage. I do this to make sure I always have an iCloud independent b/u of my photos. I use the same workflow for all my family’s photos.

So basically this is what I want to do: Copy new iOS photo(s) --> NAS

I got KM, Alfred, Hazel, Chronosync, Mountain, etc and I am sure this must be possible one way or the other but I cannot figure out a way of doing it. Any great ideas to replace my workflow?



Where is this documented? I have the free Dropbox account, and it is still doing Camera Uploads?

I checked the DropBox help center article and for Get started: enable camera uploads it includes "Alternatively, you can upgrade your personal account to Dropbox Pro" but does not say it is required. It is not clear what that is "Alternatively" too.

Hi Mike

I have a macro, which I use to process my images.
It is perhaps not the prettiest macro but it does the work for me.

The workflow is like this.
I copy images/movies/screenshots of my camera (Canon DSLR or iPhone) to a temporary folder on the desktop.
Then I select all the files I want to archived and my macros processes them.

That means that they are rotated according to Exif information using a cli-tool called Jhead (installed with Homebrew).
And they are renamed according to date and time of Exif information. This is extrated with EXIF-tool (installed with Homebrew)
Now they are moved to the appropiate folder on my NAS according to being a picture, movie or screenshot.

I use Google Photos and their desktop uploader to upload it all to the cloud.

Keyboard Maestro “Archive images to folders” Macro

Archive images to folders.kmmacros (19 KB)