Replace Named Clipboard Sub-String with Hyperlink

Mission accomplished! I had no idea how the RTDF format differed until your post. The package design makes sense as i guess there needs to be a place to store the objects associated with the RTF document like the attachments and images.

Evernote notes are in a custom HTML format called ENML (Evernote Markup Language - I think it's described as a 'superset' of HTML). My initial post in this thread was about RTF as that is what I was dealing with after copying the ENML note from my Evernote Mac app to the KM clipboard. Clearly that approach was never going to work and directly accessing the ENML would appear to be the only way to achieve my objective .. well, it's clear now thanks to yours and the other responses I've received. I'm learning a lot! :nerd_face:

Sorry @Tom. I just saw this second post of yours.

That's promising that you are able to edit the .enml files directly on the Mac. That appears to be the way to go as the issue with editing an exported version of them (.enex) is that the act of reimporting them into Evernote creates a new unique hyperlink to them. So I might successfully replace the hyperlinks within the exported note but then the hyperlinks in other notes to that exported note would be broken ....I think I might quickly find myself in an endless loop.

Hi @JMichaelTX. Any luck with that script?