Replace text with WikiLink to url in clipboard

Hello, Can someone show please, How can I modify text into -> [[^clipboard |text]].

Are you sure that's what you want ?

(It's not an MD link – looks like a wiki link)

and 'file' ?

(Not quite sure yet what you mean by that)

I use obsidian it is [[^^link| nametoappear]]

So two parts in your wiki-link there:

[[ linkURL | human-legible label ]]
  • The link URL you seem to be getting by copying.
  • Where is the human-readable label coming from ?

It is the selected text

So you first copy a link,

and then move the selection to text which will be used as a label ?

Yes indeed

So there are really 3 events, and two different selection moves:

  • A first copy (for the link)
  • A second copy (for the label text)
  • A move to a third position, and a paste ?

(Or are you replacing the selected label text with a wikilink ?)

No i am modfying many labels so I cannot copy. Thats why I used applescript first, i googled it.

There are many many files including that label.

The picture is still not very clear to me :slight_smile:

Could you show us a before and after example ?

(You are searching for all matching texts and replacing them with a WikiLink based on a URL in the clipboard ?)

Of course my mistake, In obsidian you can make links to blocks if you type ^something, it becomes a key to there. For example i say. RNA is very important to humans. There is a block that i want to link it to. So I convert RNA into [[^^something| Label] . It is double ^ in brackets.
So if you have many RNA in many different files. It is hard to do. So I want to copy ^something. And replace every RNA with [[^^something| RNA]]

So the Keyboard Maestro macro you are looking for aims to:

  1. search and replace every givenText with [[^^linkURL| givenText]] in the current Obsidian document ? Or
  2. search and replace every givenText with [[^^linkURL| givenText]] across a set of files, perhaps in a given folder ?

For the search and replace you want to make use of the Obsidian menu search+replace ?

Putting aside the question of search and replace, you should be able to assemble a WikiLink of that pattern by doing something along these lines:

Replace selected text with WikiLink to url in clipboard.kmmacros (4.4 KB)

I will try Thank you for your time.

This doesnt work for me. This multiplies text inside, i want to use it many times without copying the first text.

Add a step that sets the System Clipboard to %Variable%localURL%.