Replacing Flexiglass for Drag-Resizing

While I was happy over the last year to built pretty much my entire window / screen management workflow in Keyboard Maestro, there is one app I was using that I haven’t been able to replace its functionality.

Flexiglass is great because it allows for the manipulation of windows in a pretty cool way.

Unfortunately, It has been EOL by the developer in 2019 and while it still works its not super reliable today.

Here is a quick intro of how the app works (from 2012)

Flexiglass Demo

What I like is the ability to hold a trigger and drag and resize the windows.

Is anyone using any Macros to achieve something similar?

About 80% of the time I am snapping windows with set sizes but every once in a while I find myself using Flexiglass and about 25% of those times its not running!

Rectangle app
snaps and resizes windows

Sorry I should have been more clear. I am okay with a traditional window + snapping as I do all of that within KM macros.

The Flexiglass feature I would love to re-create is holding a hot key and dragging the window size.

Oh, then by the same author:

Skip forward to 1:42

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I'm using BetterTouchTool to achieve the same goal.
It also works for windows in background.

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Yes, same here. BetterTouchTool gives lots of options for this:

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Perfect! I already use BTT but never looked at the window snapping as I used magnet for years and now KM. Thank you!

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Great. But it was @johseb who solved it, not me :grinning:

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