Replacing PTH Pasteboard (clipboard management)

I’ve just discovered KeyboardMaestro as I upgraded to 10.10 and PTH PasteBoard gave up the ghost.

I’ve already replaced all my Quickeys using KM, I’m sold. Now to focus again on the clipboard.

Here are the parts of PTH I miss, any help reproducing them would be awesome.

  • My main clipboard held up to 1000 of my recent clips items across restart.

  • I could summon it on screen by holding my cursor on the left side of the screen.

  • Clicking on an item would paste it into place where my insertion point was.

  • I was able I set hot keys, Control 1 through 9 to trigger the 1st -> 9th entry respectively.

  • I could right-click an entry & paste in many formats (plain text, uppercase, etc).

  • I had a second clipboard full of ~15 stable entries. I could summon it with a mouse as well, and paste in any of those entries at any time.

How many of these things can be done with Keyboard Maestro?


Keyboard Maestro currently defaults to 100 items, but you can configure as described in the Preferences section of the documentation.

Keyboard Maestro has no such trigger, sorry.

Double clicking is necessary in Keyboard Maestro.

You can do this by creating appropriate macros using the Set Clipboard to Past Clipboard action and the Paste action.

Keyboard Maestro has a variety of filters, but they are not available from the Clipboard History Switcher.

This is what Named Clipboards and the Named Clipboard Switchers are for. Also, you can have Favourites marked in your clipboard history, and they never expire.

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Thanks for this @peternlewis

Looks like I’m still on the hunt for a full PTH replacement, but I’m sure glad I purchased KeyboardMaestro… very happy with the product!!