Replacing Satimage.osax Scripting Addition

It is Past Time to Convert AppleScript That Use Satimage.osax

You may run across some AppleScripts in this Forum that were published prior to release of macOS Mojave that made good use of the Satimage.osax Scripting Addition for AppleScript.

Satimage was one of the most popular and power AppleScript tools.
Today, in 2019, it is no longer advisable to use Satimage because:

  1. It won't run in Mojave+
  2. It is 32-bit, which won't run in Catalina+
  3. No updates are expected at this time.

One of the most powerful features of Satimage is RegEx (Regular Expressions). Today, the best RegEx tool is a great Script Library written by world-renown Shane Stanley. You can get it at RegexAndStuffLib at .

If you need help converting any scripts that used Satimage, let us know. Please post a new topic for each request.

Great KM RegEx Tools

Of course, don't forget that KM has some great Regular Expression tools (Actions), so you may not need any script.


Also note that Keyboard Maestro Engine’s AppleScript dictionary includes support for doing regex search and replace as well as exposing other Keyboard Maestro facilities like calculations and tokens.

tell application "Keyboard Maestro Engine"
	search "3+4" for "(\\d+)" replace "%CalculateFormat%CALCULATE(\\1)%Currency%" with regex and process tokens
end tell

Satimage lives on (as a short-term solution) in SatimageOSAX app by Mark Alldritt:

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Yep, that is a stop-gap measure to use if you were caught unaware by an upgrade to Mojave. I don't recommend it for use in new or revised scripts.

Just as a side note, see also here:

It happened sooner than I expected.