Request: Add Light/Dark Switch for Forum Theme

@peternlewis, could you please add the Discourse "Light/Dark" switch at the top of each page that lets the user quickly switch?

This would be very useful to switch to "Light" before doing a text or screen capture.

Mark has implemented this in the Late Night Software (SD) Forum .



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I don't see any such switch…?

Maybe the folks at Discourse can help, or you could ask Mark @alldritt at Late Night.

I don't see that switch at the Late Night Discourse forum. Or at any other Discourse site I am on and have set to the Dark theme. Is it a standard Discourse thing?


It is definitely there for me. Have you set "Dark Mode" in your LN user preferences?

I tried that, the switch never appeared. I have no idea where the switch comes from.

I personally don't care either way for this feature, but a google search returned this example of somebody implementing a switch. Doesn't appear to be built in to discourse.

OK, thanks for sharing that.

@peternlewis, given that this light/dark switch appears to NOT be a standard part of Discourse, you can table my request if you like.

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I don't even know why it appears to you and not others, but it might be part of a future version of Discourse perhaps, so maybe it will arrive in due course.