[Request] Change How Date Modified is Determined

Please change the setting of Modification Date of a Macro to be the last date when there were actual changes to the Macro that will affect the execution of the Macro.

Currently, the Modification Date is changed/set whenever there is only a change to how the macro is viewed, like expanding/collapsing of an Action, which does NOT have any impact on the execution of the Macro.



What about a change to a comment in a macro? Such a change does not affect its execution. Should that be considered a modification?

Good question. So to be consistent with how source files of most programming languages are handled, a change to a comment is a real change to the file; so then the KM macro modification date should be revised.

I concur.

As you note, the definition quickly gets blurry. What about color changes to actions?

But irrespective of that, for various reasons, this is probably not possible. As far as Keyboard Maestro is concerned, changing the disclosure state is the same as changing the macro in any other way.

That confuses me. Does that mean that whenever I just, for example, expand an Action, that KM sees that as a change to the macro, and therefore updates the macro XML definition?

Does the Macro XML contain information about the open/closed status of Actions?