Request: multi-language OCR at one time function

It seems like you could only choose one language to OCR at one time. It would be great to ocr multiple languages.

btw, you can achieve this by using tesseract:

Only one language? I see a list of about 100:


Use them at one time I mean.
Let me edit the post~

Oh. I didn't realize what you meant. I'm sorry.

No worries, and thank you for giving me a change to clear it up.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes. I'm guessing that the author of the KM action for supporting OCR specifically made the decision to limit OCR to a single language at a time, probably to simplify the action's interface window. Since the KM OCR action uses Tesseract, it should be possible to support multiple simultaneous languages. But this is the sort of thing that the Chief Executive of Keyboard Maestro may decide it's not worth supporting. But you have the right to ask for it as you did.

I'll note it down, but I'm not sure I'd ever get around to implementing this. Tesseract might support it, but it is a lot of extra UI for minimal gain.

Probably if you really need this it would be best to just install Tesseract yourself (or if you poke around, you can find the build included with Keyboard Maestro which presumably should work, though definitely you are outside stuff I would support at that point.

@peternlewis Actually, I've been using Tesseract just like the screenshot and it works great.:grin:

Oh wow, that's an interesting tip. I had no idea that anything could be findable like that. Time to poke.