Request: Native hotkey trigger for "New Action"

In KM Editor, we have ⌘N for New Macro, but nothing, yet, for New Action. Perhaps ⌘⌥N?

Of course I can create my own, but I'd bet other users would benefit from a native trigger. :slight_smile:

Command-Ctrl-A does insert action by name I believe. This might be what you're looking for?

Thanks. While that command is indeed useful if one knows the name of the action he/she wants to add, it's not the same as the command New Action, because it doesn't show the Actions List.

As such, we still need a shortcut for the specific command New Action.


Actually, that'll work!

I'd overlooked it because I'd expected to find "New Action" in the File menu, along with "New Macro," "New Smart Group," etc.

You've actually just helped me realize that an interesting "quirk" of KM Editor is the fact that "New Action" (the button), "Show Actions" (the menu command), and "Show or Hide Actions List" (the button) are all the same command in that they all produce the same result. :blush:

So, ⌘K it is.


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