Request: Separate "Filter Variable" into "Transform" and "Calculate"

Continuing the discussion from “Highlight Screen Area" using Variables:

IMO, the KM Action labeled "Filter Variable" is grossly miseading.
In many cases, it is NOT filtering ( in the normal sense of the word) at all.
It is either transforming, or calculating something.


IMO, it would be much more intuitive to your users, if you would break out the current "Filter Variable/Clipboard" options to:

  • Transform Variable/Clipboard to
  • Calculate from Variable/Clipboard.

In both cases, you would provide for an INPUT Variable, and an OUTPUT Variable.

Please consider this a feature request.




How about:

Modify Variable by:

This might need to be followed by a verb in the dropdown, e.g.:

  • Using Mac Line Endings
  • Trimming Whitespace
  • Wrapping text
  • Transforming to lowercase
  • Encoding with Percent for URL
  • etc.