Request: Standardize (And Correct) the Comparison Conditions on Similar Pages of the Wiki

When using the If...Then...Else conditions many of them have the same set of comparison options. However the descriptions don't match (and more importantly are unclear in some instances). Also i think the formatting could be standardized.

The comparison description that threw me for a loop is on the is comparison. For Clipboard operations it says "has text that exactly matches a specified string." while for Text it says "is exactly (case insensitively) a specified string." and finally Variable says "is (case insensitively) a specified string."

This led me to think that the Clipboard comparison was case sensitive since the other options in the list explicitly call out (case insensitively) when that applies.

I think the Variable description is the accurate one (to me "is exactly (case insensitively)" is a bit of a contradiction).

The Comparison table on the Clipboard page looks best to my eye, and includes exactly what is in the pop-up (Variable and Text only say "is numerically..." instead of having Is =, Is >, etc....)

Clipboard Condition wiki page
Text Condition wiki page
Variable Condition wiki page

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