Request: Vertical ScrollBar in "Prompt for User Input"

@peternlewis I'm not sure why I've never asked for this before - maybe I have and I forgot. I've wished for a long time that the "Prompt for User Input" window could have a vertical scrollbar when needed.

There's 2 use cases for this.

  1. When displaying a long message. If the message is too long, you can't get to the buttons, at least not in an easy-to-identify way. You might say "just don't display long messages," but if you're displaying an error message that got returned from something you don't control, you can't guarantee the length. And yes, you could trim it to a reasonable length, but who knows if you'd be trimming valuable information or not?

  2. When you have lots of inputs. I know this is not a common situation, but since I'm running into this limitation right now, I thought I'd mention it.


I can do a few more things to give me some room, but I'm pushing the limit right now.

I won't hold my breath for this, of course. But on the off chance that you could add a "gear" option that says "Use vertical scroll bar" or something like that, I thought I'd ask.

If not that, then I wish I could either 1) use a smaller font (for this prompt only), 2) make the line spacing smaller, or both. This wouldn't necessarily solve use case #1, but it would solve my current issue.



My new Mac is using my old monitor as a second display and I've rotated that display by 90 degrees, which could help you here if you had a rotated second monitor. :slight_smile:

Well now, that's an interesting idea. My secondary monitor does rotate. I'll give it a shot. Even if it doesn't work, I appreciate the idea - thanks!

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The KM Editor often needs to edit very long macros and I find that I tend to move the KM Editor to my vertical screen for the same reason... more vertical space. When I need more horizontal room for wide KM actions, I move the KM Editor to my horizontal monitor.

Great idea. Unfortunately, it was mo old secondary monitor that could switch to vertical, not my current one.

Still, it was a good idea.