Resize Finder Columns to Fit

This action will double click on the column separator next to the Date Modified column header which will resize all the columns to fit.

Move or Click Mouse.kmactions (12 KB)

Thanks for the post, but having trouble opening and locating the macro. When I double click to open the macro Keyboard Maestro focuses but I have no idea where it is.

Is this just the standard “Move or Click Mouse” action? If so I guess I wouldn’t see anything new.
Also, the image attachment in your post appears to be broken for me.

Thanks for your help though.

Its a .kmactions file, just the actions. Hmm, double clicking does not work even if you are in a macro. You have to use File ➤ Import Actions. I'll have to improve that.

The image is:

Yeah that got me confused too until went to import the macros manually and I saw it greyed out and read the extension. I was searching all over for the macro and couldn't find it either.