Resize image and change location in Github

I made some simple macro for image manipulation in github:

  • Resize pictures
  • Change location of pictures
  • Add many pictures in one row

Reminder: you have to copy your image url first.

Thanks for @Nige_S , I made some changes for the macro.

github image manipulation Macros.kmmacros (18.3 KB)

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@Sue_sk -- nice macro! But if I might suggest a couple of tweaks?

If you use a "Local" variable it won't exist outside that particular invocation of your macro. That means you can remove the last "clear the variable" action.

But you don't actually need the variable at all! You can use the contents of the Clipboard in just the same way as you used the contents of the variable, with the token %CurrentClipboard%. And your macro is reduced to:

I haven't looked, but you might be able to do similar in your other macros.

Thank you for the suggestion! I'll change them. Could you please explain "it won't exist outside that particular invocation of your macro" to me? Sorry I just use simple features of keyboard maestro before but would like to know more!

A local variable can only be "seen" by that particular instance of the macro it is defined in -- you can't see/use it in other macros, or even other instances of that macro, and is automatically cleared when the macro completes.

Have a look at the "Scope" section of the wiki for more.

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