Resize Window Not Working

Hi there,

It seems that no matter what I try that this Resize Window action is not working. I just need the one action to work, but it does nothing no matter what.


Thanks for any help. I'm on El Capitan.

My guess is that it's not finding a window with that title. Try using this macro to see what windows are available: Front Window Analysis Tool Using AppleScript System Events (get window elements).

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Hey Andrew,

It's always a good idea to tell us what application you're working with, so someone has an opportunity to test.


First, I'd try changing the "window" to the "front most window", and click on the target window before triggering your macro.

You might also put this token: %WindowName%All%
in a Display Text In a Window Action to view a list of ALL Window Names for the current app, to confirm the name of the target window