"Resize Window to Half Screen" Not Working as Expect for MS Word When the Side Bar is Open

When the side bar (navigation, search/found, etc.) is not open, the macro works as expected. When the side bar is open, then it does not work as expected.

Could this be a bug? @peternlewis

Here is my macro:

This is the result (part of the window is outside the screen, the width is probably the width of the side bar):

This is the real window size (I have to drag the window to the left in order to see the hidden part):

try using Main instead of Front:

"Main" seems to be working as expected. However, I have an external monitor. I cannot use "Main" for "Front."

Main and Front refer to screens, so they should be the same if the screen with the front window is the main screen.

My guess is that the side bar is a separate window that Word is moving with the other window (an attached sheet perhaps).

Find out what the FrontWindowFrame token returns for the window in various states and see if the actual window is the part without the sidebar.

This is the result: 960,25,1233,1055
The X-max is 1920.


What happens if you zoom the Word document to full size first? (Not so-called “Full Screen” but fully zoomed out.)

On my macOS 10.12.6 Sierra system with Word 16.16.10 from Office 2016 I see weird problems when resizing a document with Keyboard Maestro, AppleScript, and Moom.

Microsoft is doing something peculiar to limit how the window resizes.

Try running your original macro several times. On my system it will eventually be fully repositioned and resized, but it takes 3-5 runs of the macro to get there.


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That's interesting. Yes. The second time will gets what I want.

BTW, BetterTouchTool works fine. I need to run only once.

I tried Spectacle, and it works – but it's very slow – as if it's animated (although it's not).

Resizing with all methods seems to work fine when up-sizing a window, but Word starts acting up when down-sizing a window.

Ordinarily AppleScriptable apps react instantly to setting their window bounds, but not this version of Word...

On the other hand – Word 14.7.7 from Office 2011 does NOT have this affliction.


Does the value change with and without the side bar displayed?

No. It doesn't change.

I did not know Spectacle before. I did a search and found out it's been discontinued.
Before I bought KM, I used to use BetterSnapTool. It's made by the same developer and is free. After I bought KM, I switched to KM because I like the KM editor better. It's more simplistic to me and it's easier to locate macros and edit them.
Now due to the Word problem, I think I'll use BTT for that purpose.
I use Word 16.47. It's constantly updated.

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Try Rectangle: https://rectangleapp.com

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What's up with the developers? They don't have any worthwhile information about the app or screenshots of it on that page. To me that says they're not serious at all about getting users.

That said – upon @hello's recommendation I downloaded and looked at it. It's very good for a freebie.

But the devs need to wake up and smell the coffee...


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Rectangle has the same problem as above with down-sizing Word 16.16.10 windows on my macOS 10.12.6 Sierra system.


Their Github page does have a screenshot:
rxhanson/Rectangle: Move and resize windows on macOS with keyboard shortcuts and snap areas (github.com)

However, if that's all it does, I would recommend BetterSnapTool over it. BetterSnapTool has more functions.

Besides other functions, you can move and resize windows with combination of modifier keys and mouse, which I like a lot.

Potential customers should not have to dig to find the Git page just to see a screenshot of the product.

Very bad marketing.

Does BetterSnapTool do things BetterTouchTool doesn't?


No. BST is free. BTT is paid. The latter includes the functions of the former. If you have BTT, you won’t need BST.


I think BST is no longer free, but it's inexpensive ($2.99).

For the difference in features and price I'd buy BTT at ($8.50). I see it still works with Sierra, so I'll give it a spin. Been a while since I looked it over.


Ah. Sorry. I wasn't aware they started to charge for it.
I bought the Lifetime Version for BTT. :grin:


I don't really understand what you are saying.

Keyboard Maestro resizes the window, and the panel part that shows the document is controlled by Word. I can't really see what is wrong in your images. The document pane is a scrollable area, and if the window is resized, the document pane may need scrolling. Although I don't know what is happening with the tools at the bottom right off the window, as they should follow the bottom right corner of the window regardless of any scrolling of the document pane.