Resize windows into quarters

Say I have 4 different windows open. The windows might be the same application or they might be 4 different applications. How using a single keyboard shortcut can I resize the windows into 4 quarters (therefore 1 window in top left corner of screen, 1 window top right, 1 window bottom right, 1 bottom left)?

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I have a partial solution to this problem. I wrote a set of Keyboard Maestro macros to move windows to the edges of the screen. I bound the macros to the 8 keys that surround the “5” key on my numeric keypad. I never use my numeric keypad for anything else. So if I hit the “7” key, it moves the front window to the upper left corner, below the menu bar. If I hit the “3” key it moves the front window to the right edge of the screen, to the left of the dock (I keep my dock alwaps visible, on the right edge of my screen). If I modify the keys with “shift”, it means “move it to the corner or edge, and resize it”. So “shift-3” means “move it to the lower right, and resize it to half the width and height of the screen”.

This is some of what you want. The problem is, how do you plan to identify the 4 windows that are to be moved and resized? If there are 3 windows on the screen, or 7 windows, which 4 do you want to move/resize?

I will only have 4 different windows open (but potentially from the same or different applications)