Resizing Windows stops halfway

I'm trying to replicate Moom functionalities in KM.
I've built a set of simple macros like this one:

which are stored in a palette. It's a simple two trigger process to move any window to any preset part of the screen ... or rather it should be:
unfortunately, on random occasions (more than half the time, but I can't really figure out under what conditions) the window will be resized, but not moved to the correct position. I need to repeat the macro (sometimes even twice) for the full result to be obtained ....

[UPDATE] If I split the macro in two (Resize, then Move) I get similar weird results unless I put in a delay of at least 0.2 seconds between the two macros, like so:

It's a hack, and jarring, but it works ...

Has anybody faced something similar?

A pause usually does the job for me. KM is sometimes way to quick for the system to follow.

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