RESOLVED: Streamdeck 101 Setup

Hi Everyone.

New to the forum though I've been using KM for some pretty simple, straightforward macros for the last 6 months or so. I also have a Stream Deck, and have seen the numerous questions and suggestions here already on that.'s just not clicking for me on how to trigger an existing KM macro from my Stream Deck. I've learned how to use give a button a title, change the name, etc., with the KM actions for the Stream Deck, but I'm missing the obvious-to-everyone-else way to setup a specific Stream Deck button to trigger the macro. My workaround has been assigning the same hot key to both the macro and the Stream Deck button.

Can someone dumb this down for me and tell me if there's an easier, less error prone way to set this up?

You need to switch to this KM plug in for StreamDeck. works like a dream.

read my reasons why on that thread


Perfect. Exactly what I needed. Works like a charm. Thank you.

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