Restrict macros to a certain app in two different versions on two different Macs


I have CafeTran for Java 8 on my MacBook Pro (where I’m testing it) and the old CafeTran for Java 6 on my production machine (iMac). I want to restrict the group with macros to CafeTran so I’ve added CafeTran to ‘Available in the following apps’.

This is my problem: when I select CafeTran on my iMac and add it to this Available list, the macros won’t run on my MacBook Pro – and the other way around.

How can I work around this?

Thanks in advance!


Keyboard Maestro remembers applications first by their specific path (eg /Applications/ and also remembers their bundle ID (eg com.whatever.ourapp).

If the application is not found at the path, then it is looked for using the bundle ID.

So if you want to sync your macros, you need to ensure that every referenced application is at exactly the same path on both Macs. If they are not, then you’re going to get into trouble.