Return All Results From a Prompt With List Search

I know it's possible to make multiple selections with the "Prompt with List" action. Is is possible to instead return ALL the shown items from the search in the form of a list?

Yes - as it says in the manual page:

"If multiple entries are returned, they will be returned as multiple lines, each followed by a newline character

Sorry I should have been clearer that I realize this is possible by selecting all of the entires, just curious if there was a way, apart from manually selecting all entries to just return the entire list. I guess it's really not that big of a deal to select everything and hit enter.

OK - if you populate the list with a KM variable then you already have the whole list in a variable!

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Totally. What I was trying to do was:

  • Prompt with list
  • Enter search term(s)
  • Hit one keyboard key to return the narrowed search as a list

But it's not a lot of extra work to just manually select the narrowed list.

Apologies - I'm being a bit senior at the moment. I misunderstood your question. I don't know how to select them all quickly. Maybe someone else does? If not it might be good to request it as a new feature?

It's not actually THAT quick (when we are talking about Keyboard Maestro :slight_smile: )

You just select the top result, scroll to the bottom of the result list, and shift click the bottom one, then hit return.

Yes - I know how to do that. What I meant was to use cmd-A to select all, for example.

Yeah being able to use Command-A would be great!

A is already available in the edit field of the dialog – as are other text navigation keyboard shortcuts.


What about making Home, End, PgUp, and PgDn work in the list section of the dialog?

Add to select, so End would select-all.

Alternatively – perhaps a modifier + Return could return all instead of just the selected.


No, there is no particularly good way currently.

Home/End/PageUp/PageDown already move the scroll bar so they are not appropriate for changing the selection.

I have added support for Command-arrow keys for the next version. So Command-Up/Down moves the selection to the start/end of the list, and Command-Shift-arrow keys extends the selection to the start/end of the list.

So the sequence Command-Up Arrow, Command-Shift-Down Arrow would select all the displayed entries (and often the first key will be optional since usually the first entry would be selected already).