Reverse Mistyped Letters in a Word

Example hte instead of the. Is there a macro for this?

Currently the Filter action in KM don't have such support for word reverse.

But still there are alternatives.

Here you go. Make use rev command line utility that come with mac.

I think you are referring to correcting mistyped word , and not simply reverse text ?

I yet to find such macro as the macro may need to use other language (for performance reason) and mapping file to correct text.

Sure. This has automatically corrected my mistyping for years regardless of case:

cx: hte Macro

cx- hte.kmmacros (4.6 KB)

It would be nice to have a generic solution, like macOS and iOS have. macOS uses Hunspell which obviously offers a feature to replace any misspelling with its most likely (though not always correct) suggestion.

See also: replace_misspelling: Replace Misspelled Words in trinker/textclean: Text Cleaning Tools

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Have you considered a dedicated text expander app, like Typinator? I slowly migrated all of my simple text expansion macros over to it this summer to leave Keyboard Maestro to handle my more complex needs. Typinator even has some prebuilt sets for spelling corrections.



:+1:++ for Typinator

Hey @Akrij,

I'm another one who uses Typinator for this sort of spelling correction. The auto-correct database has that one handled for me.

However – the macOS offers some Emacs functionality. In this example the vertical bar represents the cursor.


(BBTE) will fix it for you.

Or you can move the cursor by whatever means to here:


And press T which reverses the characters on either side of the cursor.

(Emacs) Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Text Fields in OS X


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Are you aware that there is a feature in macOS that will autocorrect "hte" to "the" as you are typing? It's in the System Preferences, under Keyboard, then under Text. Then click on "Correct Spelling Automatically." This feature is available in some, but not all applications. You didn't say which application you wanted this to work in, so I don't know if it will solve your problem.

Thank you for posting this because I can never remember that shortcut.

The T is for "Transpose" I suppose but who knows ;-?

(Ironically, ⌥ T launched Typinator for me because I just reinstalled macOS and had not disabled its default keyboard trigger.)

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