Right click on current Chrome tab


I often need to group my Chrome tabs, or remove a tab from a group. The problem is, I need to move the mouse and right click to bring up the context menu to 'Add Tab to Group' or 'Remove from Group'. Those options are not available in the Tab menu. Is there a way to do this via keyboard only?

right click on current chrome tab


I'm not a Chrome user, but if that menu only exists in the tab's drop-down menu, I don't see how you could possibly do this without moving (or with KM moving) the mouse to the tab. Am I missing something in the question?


I am also not a Chrome user, so I cannot test this approach at the moment, but I think something resembling what I've done bellow might be able to work:

Click current Chrome tab.kmmacros (75 KB)

Macro image

This is only a (possible) proof of concept, and you would need to adjust it to your conditions. Most importantly you'd need to add screen grabs to the macro from your system, similar to what I've indicated by the green rectangle in the hidden "screen grabs instructions" bellow. You could probably also reduce the area height by increasing the divisor to the window height in the first Click Found Image action.

Screen grab instructions

If having your mouse returning to where you where working is of no importance, you could pretty much strip this macro down to only the Click Found Image action, and maybe addingt to taste a couple of simulated arrow presses, down and to the righ.

Edit: Fixed my example macro above so that it pauses until the screen does NOT contain the image

This is why I asked the clarifying question: The only solution I could think of was along the lines of yours, but the user seems to explicitly want to not involve the mouse at all. I guess we'll have to wait for a reply to know for sure.


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Thank you again for taking the time and effort in helping with my issue. Your effort is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

I found a very useful Chrome extension, Tab Group Extension, that allows custom hotkeys for all Chrome Tab Group features.