Right Click to become Double Click on Sharkoon Fireglider Mouse

I have a Sharkoon Fireglider mouse and I was wondering if I could substitute the right button click to become a double click?

When I select a USB Device Key Trigger it doesn't appear to recognise my mouse type. Any advice gratefully received.

If the button does nothing, and if the button is detected by the USB Device Key trigger setting, then yes, you could do this.

It sounds like the latter at least is not the case. Probably there is a device driver that is taking exclusive control of the device, if so, there is probably not much Keyboard Maestro can do.

When I click in the trigger box it says "try again" so I'm guessing my mouse is not identifiable by KM? Would that be correct?

If I click on my MBP trackpad then KM does recognise that.

Are there a list of approved mice that do work with KM for mouse key modifiers?

Probably, yes. It is probably changing two or more bits instead of just one bit going on and off.

No. There probably should be a list of (in)compatible devices on the wiki, although it is difficult to make such a list because a) most devices will generally work, and a list of compatible devices would probably discourage people and b) there are an awful lot of devices, and c) its not hard for a device to work with one version of a driver or firmware and then stop working with the next or vice versa.

Still, it is probably worth trying to get some sort of device compatibility list.

OK it seems my Sharkoon Fireglider isn't recognised by my Anker mouse does! So my next step is set up KM to replace SteerMouse modifier app.

I think KM will do the job but the main command I use on my mouse to change the right click from pulling up the contextual menu and substituting it to a mouse double click command. The problem here is that I can't seem to disable the inbuilt Apple right click to invoke the contextual menu so KM just wants to double click the contextual menu.

Could there be a workaround for this so that when I press the right button it double clicks and doesn't bring up the contextual menu at all?