Rotating tiling scheme for front 3 document windows

In document-based applications (outliners, editors) I often have N documents in view, where N ≈ 3.

In Bike, for example:

  1. A project document
  2. A dated scratch file for today
  3. A list of links to all active projects

Here are two macros which tile the three front documents of the focal application to a custom scheme.
In each:

  • The front document is given the largest tile (to the right)
  • the next two documents get the remaining upper and lower left corners

They differ only in the size (3/4 or 2/3) of the lion's share.

In each of them, focus is transferred to the top left corner tile. This means that repeated triggering has the effect of rotating the position of each document in the tiling scheme.

The custom tiling scheme is defined by the local_TilingNotation variable at the top, and can be changed to define tilings for other values of N (front 2 or 4 documents for example).

The notation, and several of the subroutines used, are as in a previous post, which showed macros for (cyclically) moving a single front window.

WINDOW TILING CYCLES : Toggling or cycling front window size and position Macros.kmmacros (144,2 Ko)