Run macro on multiple files using watched folder action

I've been using the 'adds an item' trigger to run the simple macro below (which triggers another) and it's been working very sucessfully. However, if I dump two or more files simultaneously in the folder, the macro only triggers once, or at least it only performs the desired action once, which is converting the file into an audio file. I imagine a 'For each' action with these actions grouped into it would work, but I really don't know how to work the variables after that as I don't want it to perform the action on every file in the folder but only the new ones.

Thanks in advance!

What happens if you add a semaphore lock to the beginning of the macro?

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Oh that's very interesting. I had a semaphore lock on the macro that triggered, but not on this one. Dropping two files in now works perfectly. I'll try it with larger numbers, but I think that solved it. Thank you!

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