Run Periodically while Logged In Not Running Periodically

Hi, all. I’ve got an Applescript that goes through the open tabs in Chrome or Safari and reloads the tab of a Magento admin page I need to keep from logging me out. The script works when I run it manually, and have the KM macro set up as Run Periodically while Logged In every 29 minutes, between 8:30 am and 11:55 pm on all days. But…it never runs, and I have to hit the Try button to test it. Am I doing something wrong with the setup, or is there a better or different way to make a Macro “fire” every X minutes?

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This is what my setup looks like

It looks from your screenshot that the macro is disabled:

which would seem to explain why it only runs if you manually hit Try, so I would start by making sure the macro is enabled first (including making sure it's an enabled global macro group). If it's enabled and you still run into problems, feel free to post again and share the full macro next time so we can better figure out what the issue might be.

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Thank you!!! You are right of course. I spent so long trying to figure out what was wrong, how dumb of me…

Happy to help! We’ve all been there before, banging our heads against the wall and inadvertently overlooking the obvious source of the problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Next time you hit a case of “This macro is doing nothing”, use the Help ➤ Assistance window and click the “Something expected is not happening” link, and it will likely tell you what is wrong.

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