Run script when mounting SD cards, but not other volumes

I’ve looked around a bit, but haven’t been able to find a way to run a script when mounting SD cards — but only SD cards, not other volumes. Is there a way to make that distinction?

I’ve also tried doing something like this with Hazel and hit a similar roadblock.

My goal is to run a script that updates the latest GPS assist data on SD cards that I use with my DSLR. The SD cards are from different manufacturers and have different names. (I’ve been resisting — or being lazy — renaming them all to match a convention that I could use for filtering.) I may use the SD cards with other cameras but I’m okay with having the GPS assist data on all of them, but I don’t need it copied to other mounted volumes.

This was my immediate thought. One of the gurus may have a method that avoids this, but this seems like a winner.

Use the Mounted Volume trigger and then determine if it is a value you are interested in.

It should not be hard to determine if it is an SD card (size alone should probably be enough). Or if you don’t format the cards, just add a marker file to the volume to indicate that it is one you want to process.