Running KM6 and KM7 on 2 systems... conflicts?

Hi Guys,

I use KM everyday… so much that I forgot which Keyboard Shortcuts are built into the System and which are KM Macros. Anyway, I’m reticent to purchase the KM7 upgrade because I have my main production system still running 10.5 while my laptop is running 10.11.4

Since I sync my KM via dropbox, will the different versioning create conflicts? I can’t imagine they won’t. Maybe it’s best for me to wait until both systems are Yosemite?


Andrew K

You do not want to sync between the two systems. That will cause trouble. So you’ll want to disable syncing or sync them to different folders if you have more than the two Macs.

If you don’t mind managing the two a bit separately, just do your macro development in 6 and export/import into 7 if you want to use your Macros on both. (And have your KM 7-specific macros just live on the one system.)

As @iNik says, you do NOT want to sync a KM6 system with a KM7 system.

Let me encourage you to upgrade both of your systems to El Capitan and KM7.

  • KM7 has a ton of new features and Actions that are really helpful.
  • I too held off upgrading to Yosemite, but once I did I had no issues
  • Several people here have reported upgrading to El Capitan to also be without issues.
  • I have upgraded one Mac to El Capitan, and plan to upgrade the other two as soon as I have time (I'm thinking about doing a clean install, which will take longer).

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Thanks iNik and JMichaelTX!

I guess don’t mix versions in dropbox eh?!? :smiley: Thanks for the confirmation.

@JMichaelTX, I use a lot of very specific professional music hardware and 3rd party software plugins that need to behave nicely with each other. My general M.O. is to wait a year for all the developers to catch up to whatever that milestone OS version is… and then upgrade. El Capitan was released 9/31/15… so I have to be careful. Maybe it’s time for me to to email my most trusted and used 3rd party devs and ask them about their El Capitan support.


Andrew K

It’s not really a question of “don’t mix versions when syncing”. Keyboard Maestro will not let you sync between Macs with different versions. The lower version will simply not sync and then let you do one of two things:

  • Turn off syncing.
  • Live dangerously - which means leave syncing on, but it wont sync, and any changes you make on either Mac will be overwritten when you upgrade.

But it wont sync between two different versions.

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