Running macOS shortcut from macro causing a security prompt

When running some of my macOS shortcuts from a macro, I get a macOS security prompt which seems to be caused from the output response from a webhook within the shortcut. Is there any way to discard or stop KM from trying to pass this output?

You want KM to close or hide a MacOS security prompt, is that it? And you do not need KM to choose an option from it?

Any solution I could come up with would probably have to depend on Click on found image but other people here will be more qualified to answer. It might encourage their input if you could state the wording of the prompt.

No, the issues is related to running a macOS shortcut from a KM macro which outputs a response from a webhook. KM tries to pass this output to macOS which causes the security prompt. I was hoping there is a way to mute or ignore this output…

It may turn out that someone here has similar experience of handling webhooks with KM and can intuit what is going on. Otherwise I think you are going to have to cough up some precise details. For example: "KM tries to pass this output to macOS". How? Precisely what output? What KM Actions are involved?

Points 2 and 3 in this post might help.

Possibly, but it's really difficult to advise without the macro and shortcut. Can you upload both?

My mistake, this issue isn’t related to KM. Thank you for trying to help :grinning:.

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