Running Macro from Hot Key/MIDI vs KM "Run Selected Macro" button

Hi folks. I’m having an issue where a few macros are running fine when I trigger them from the “Run Selected Macro” button on the top of the editor, but misbehaves when triggered by Hot Key or MIDI. I’m triggering a macro to run in Digital Performer, which activates the app, types a keystroke to bring up an edit window, then does a mouse click and text entry to bring me to the correct parameters.

It runs fine every time with the KM button trigger, if it’s triggered by MIDI or a Hot Key, other commands seem to be happening, it’s bringing up windows that don’t really make any sense, ones that should be triggered by the CCs, text or keys I’m using.

I’ve had a little luck with some of them by putting short pauses before the Move & Click command, but it’s been inconsistent. Any suggestions?