Running macros in sequence not working


I have created 4 macros which work by themselves.

Now I have created a parent macro which calls each of them in sequence. When I run this, only the first macro inside runs and nothing else happens.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Summary of what I am trying to do overall: Open a local website's folder in Sublime Text, Run BrowserSync so I can see code changes in Sublime Text live w/o browser refresh, arrange Sublime Text and browser windows side-by-side.

Screenshot of "Showcase Pro BrowserSync" macro:

Most probably it is just a timing issue.

Start by putting a 10 second pause between each Execute Macro action, and see if it all works, and then go from there.

The Pause Until action is the solutino you want to apply.

The Set Action Delay action you are using is almost always the wrong solution, and should basically never be used. In your usage in the macro you show, it does nothing, since it sets the keystroke delay for “normal” keys (eg alphhabet etc), but not until the end of the macro, and correctly only applies to the macro, so it does nothing at all.

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I’ve added a few Pause Until actions added a delay where needed.

Now it’s working great.