Running Maestro with parallels and Mac OS

I am running Mac OS Mojave with parallels in order to use my old Accountedge app. I have several macros programmed, but sometimes when they launch, during programmed pause, I get a pop up window from parallels that
reads: "None of your Windows virtual machines are running at the moment. Start or resume any Windows virtual machine, wait until it boots up, and try again." Does anybody know how to disable that prompt, or work around it?

Perhaps something along the lines of waiting until a parallels window exists?

Yes, I did add a sequence for that, and it helps with a couple of the macros, but when the error promp launches, it hijacks the whole sequence, and the macro aborts. I need to fing a way around the error prompt.

check in preferences if there's a setting about always ready and/or pause:

Thanks for the reply. I'm not trying to pause the virtual machine.. the macros Im trying to run are in an app that is ON the virtual machine... but the virtual machine is running Mac OS Mojave, not windows.

Ah. This is making more sense now. I did not realise you were virtualising an older instance of macOS. I feel like Parallels is being asked to load a Windows application at some point e.g. the parallels version of notepad.exe, then it finds that it doesn't know which guest Windows OS to use (I'm guessing you have multiple installed?) so it throws the error. If I'm correct then finding out what is calling the windows application might prevent the error message coming up again.

I’m running Catalina on my MacBook Pro, and Mojave in Parallels so that I can use my accounting program that is not compatible with Catalina, and will not be updated for Mac. There is no Windows OS running anywhere. But yeah, I’m going to try to track down the source of the error prompt.