Safari Checkbox Click Macro

What macro can I use to have KM check these Safari checkboxes?

To add this KM Action, goto:
KM Editor > Actions > Safari Control > Set Safari Checkbox

Thanks. I’ll play around with that.

Got that working great. Now I need to know if and how I can make KM turn off "CL mail relay" and turn on "no replies to this email." Can you help with that?

Yes, use the "Set Safari Radio Button" Action.

You might want to review all of the Actions in the "Safari Control" Category:

Thanks again. Got that working now too. That one is strange, but it works!

Thanks again. Have that working now too. The setup is strange, but it works.

Can someone shed some light on how to specify the document.forms syntax here? I'm trying to click the 'Clinical Manifestations" checkbox on this form, but I don't know what information I need from the web page to then enter into the KM "Set Safari Checkbox" action. I've pulled up the Inspector in Safari thinking that might be helpful. FYI, when I make a new "Set Safari Checkbox" action, I DO see the "Safari" drop down menu just below the gear icon, but it says "no checkboxes found"

I am certainly no expert at this, but I solved it by trial and error. I would set it up to check one of the boxes, then I would test and see which box it checked. You do need to have the Safari page open behind KM to get the correct info to appear in the KM Safari dropdown.

I figured out why it wasn't working. I never saw the "allow Javascript from Apple Events" dialog. Now that I've enabled it in the Safari "Develop" menu, I get the choices now. 39%20PM

Great! It's pretty nice when it works. Saves a lot of time for me.

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