Safari/KM: Anomalous Reaction (At Least for Me)

Hello Folks. I've only reached out on a few occasions but I'm stuck. This incredible, Infernal Application So incredibly useful but a strange addiction for me.

Preamble aside; Whenever I try to engage either KM or Safari with respect to Login macros or form fields, there's this odd behavior in that Safari will get doggishly slow, hesitant, and beachball. It ultimately will execute but where and when is unpredictable.

KM will do the same in the editor window if Safari macro integration is attempted. There's something going on between the two applications that aren't agreeing. It mostly happens when attempting a new macro, working on one I started, and/or just tooling around. The really odd part is when I'm just in the presence (highlighted) of existing included macros or actions, it results in the same maddening lethargy.

I've even had situations where Safari is running in the background with KM upfront but with any Safari segment macros on-screen or highlighted. There is some interaction between the two apps and for the life of me I can't seem to find anything specific except maybe a reference to something that's out of my pay grade.

I do believe I saw a post where Peter mentioned something about an activity monitor and a sample processACMon_KmEngine (54.4 KB) ? For the sake of saving some time I've included one and would welcome any input to any causes or remedys.

Hey Anthony,

Various of the Safari actions talk to Safari when they're open in the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

You should probably file a formal bug report.

Contact Keyboard Maestro Support


  • Hardware Info
  • macOS Verison
  • Keyboard Maestro Version.
  • A good description of the problem.
  • A good test-case of the problem in action.


Have you tried using Chrome instead of Safari?
Make sure Safari is NOT running, and duplicate one of your KM Macros that uses Safari, and change to Chrome.
Close the KM Editor app, and trigger this new Macro.
Observe its behavior: same or different from Safari?

If you are still seeing the same behavior in Chrome, then restart your Mac and try the Chrome Macro again, making sure neither Safari nor KM Editor are running.

Thanks Sir Stone. I'll Certainly do that however does it not sound like more of an isolated incident rather than a systemwide bug? Unless I misinterpreted the reference. Nonetheless I will send it in and keep you posted. Thanks again

Thanks Indy

I have not tried it with chrome. I will but I prefer to keep all of my work within the Apple ecosystem. Just the way I am but there may be a misinterpretation here

I'm having a hard time working in any macros related to Safari let alone running any custom ones. I can work around it by taking screenshots and then using a universal clipboard To painstakingly copy every link, x-callback, field form id etc. Then work it Independently with each application but again that defeats the purpose. When I have in fact been able to run even an example macro, Safari acts Like it has rheumatoid arthritis. I suppose a Logical reason to try Chrome I Just won't let it go. Personality flaw. Don't hold it against me

When I want to automatically fill login form fields, I use a variant of this Execute AppleScript action, which exhibits no delay in Safari 14.1 with Keyboard Maestro 9.2:

tell application "Safari"
	open location ""
	delay 3
	do JavaScript "document.forms[0].usernamefield.value = \"username\"" in document 1
	do JavaScript "document.forms[0].passwordfield.value = \"password\"" in document 1
end tell

You do have to look at each page's source code to find out what the form field is named ("usernamefield" and "passwordfield" in my example code) and, of course, plug your particulars in between the escaped quotes.

I not asking you to switch to Chrome permanently -- just for one test.
I have been using Chrome for years with lots of Apple apps and find that they play well together.

Fair Enough. Ill try it out and report back. Thanks again

Thank You. Ill try the approach also.

I did notice when inspecting elements, in the developer console, and Im not a developer so excuse any ignorance, there seems to be a fairly large amount of Javascript errors. Not sure if it relates to my situation but figured it would be worth mentioning.

Are you using Safari 14.1?