Safari Tab Groups DIRECTLY?

Just started heavy use of Safari Tab Groups. Yes, I know I can cmd-opt-up or down arrow to cycle through the tab groups. HOWEVER, I'm interested in a keyboard shortcut to go DIRECTLY to a specific tab group.
To select a specific TAB, one can press cmd-# with the number of the tab in order left to right. For example, the 3rd tab from the left could be directly accessed by hitting cmd-3, and so forth.
I'm looking for a similar functionality with TAB GROUPS.

IS IT POSSIBLE WITH KEYBOARD MAESTRO to create a keyboard shortcut that will select, say the first or the second or the third tab group directly? please advise; thanks in advance.

Forgive me if I'm being dense, but I just use a "Select Menu Item" action to choose Bookmarks > Tab Group Favoites > [Tab Group] > Open in New Tabs.

As for a keyboard shortcut for switching to a specific tag, I use the ⌘1 through ⌘9 setting available at Safari > Settings… > Tabs.

Not sure if we are talking about two different things- to cycle through different tab groups, Safari has a built in shortcut cmd-opt-up or down arrow. So if I have say 8 tab groups, and I’m in the fifth tab group, I must use that shortcut 4 or 5 times to get to the first tab group.

I don’t see a menu item or a shortcut to go directly to tab group 2 for instance without scrolling through like I mention above.

Not talking about creating a new tab group; not talking about selecting a tab inside of a tab group.