Safari URL

Any idea why this URL doesn't work properly?""

Keyboard Maestro changes it the ending to this"22

If I change it to this it works just fine.""

Any ideas why this is changing?

Hm… It works alright from AppleScript.

I’d say it’s a bug, but we’ll have to let Peter confirm.


The URL field, like most text fields, processes text tokens, so the % has to be doubled to work. %22% is a valid text token giving the unicode character hex 22 which is a quote (").

So anything in a URL surrounded by % % could turn into some other character. Is this something specific to Keyboard Maestro and is there a place you can see what charters things surrounded by percent signs would be converted to?

Anything in (almost) any text field in Keyboard Maestro will be processed for text tokens. %22% is a text token representing character hex 22 which is a double quote. %CurrentClipboard% is a text token that is replaced with the text (or styled text if appropriate) in the clipboard.

See the ever popular Text Fields in Keyboard Maestro topic and the Text Tokens documentation.

Hey Skillet,

Play with this macro to see how you might deal with this issue.


URL { Open }.kmmacros (3.4 KB)

Nice work, thanks!