Safaritabcount() broken?

Is this function broken atm in 8.04? Macro that previously worked is no longer working. Seems to always return 0

Works fine for me in 8.0.4. Can you share your full macro so we can get an idea of what may be going awry?

Close Tab (with safety).kmmacros (4.0 KB)

The function is basically just the AppleScript:

tell application "Safari" to tell window 1 to count of tabs

with a bit extra to not launch Safari.

I just tried your macro, and it's also working fine for me (closes tab as normal if there is more than one tab, opens a new window if the last tab is closed).

All I can think to suggest is to try quitting and relaunching the KM engine and see if that changes anything, or maybe try the "Something expected is not happening" option in the new Assistance window in KM's help menu.

Strange. I rebooted my computer & now it is working again. Thanks for your help