Satimage on Mojave

I have been reckless and updated to Mojave.
Actually my computer runs better now.

But one thing broke. And that was the scripting additions in AppleScript.

I only use Satimage. And only in KM with scripts from the excellent @ccstone.

To fix it I did as suggested in this forum:

It cleverly says not to rely to much on scripting additions in the future since Apple probably will break it some more.


SatimageOSAX works well for me too, and it's free. I wish Apple would quit breaking things.

Hey Jimmy,

Yes. Sadly Apple removed all support for OSAXEN in Mojave without giving any advance notice. (Bad Apple!)

I won't be upgrading any time soon.

How many scripts of mine do you have?

I have AppleScriptObjC that will replace most/all of the Satimage.osax code.


I only use one which uses Satimage.

And I fixed it by adding the code from the article.

But if you have a version without Satimage it would be appreciated.

Hey Jimmy,

I've rewritten my select files and/or folders in the front Finder window script.

It now uses AppleScriptObjC and has NO dependencies on the Satimage.osax.

Here's a copy to test with. If no glitches show up I'll post it more officially.


Test -- Select Items in the Front Finder Window -- AppleScriptObjC Version.kmmacros (16 KB)

Thank you. I will use this and report bugs if any.