Satimage.osax Download Link Broken

There seems to be a problem over at Satimage. First of all, both of their email addresses bounce: and Then, the link to the regular OSAX on their download page is broken. Finally, the OSAX packages I did download get stuck verifying.

Does anyone know how to get these? Maybe someone who has the most recent versions (see the Smile companion osax page for version numbers)

I'm seeing the same behavior.

Looks like they recently made an update:

I have build 398, downloaded last year, Mar 2015.

I don't know how to contact them. Maybe Chris will know.

Hey Mitchell, JMTX,

Here you can find: (643.1 KB)

This OSAX package is inside Smile-3.8.0-956 package if I remember well :wink:



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Hey Guys,

I didn’t have any trouble installing the stable osaxen on my system (OSX 10.11.5).

But. The link to the Satimage.osax was broken on both the stable page and the beta page.

I’ve reported this and a couple of other issues on the SUL and should hear something back in the next day or two.


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