“Saturday Shortcut” Macro

I created this Macro that is supposed enter one of 3 options that I choose when I start typing the word that starts with "ss".

The Macros works as it is supposed to with the exception of when I use it within this blog it does not enter where the cursor is, it inserts it at the beginning of the post.

41 PM

Where if I use it in the message portion of the blog it inserts the text at the position of the mouse.

30 PM

Saturday Shortcut.kmmacros (6.5 KB)

This looks similar to a bug I saw in Gmail/Chrome, where the pasted images/styled text inexplicably goes at the start of the message. I imagine it is a similar thing.

Thank you Peter.
Is there a workaround or something for it?

By the way, this is happening in Chrome.

Just out of curiosity I tried it in Safari and again the messages worked fine, but within the blog itself it didn’t insert anything.

Other than using Paste as Plain Text (maybe) or Insert by Typing, not that I know of.

I tried Paste as Plain text and the same thing happened.

Steve, since you use Tumblr a lot and are clearly interested in automating your workflow for it, I have to ask: have you ever looked into a dedicated blogging app, like MarsEdit? I would have to imagine a native Mac app like that should be a lot easier to automate than a web interface, and it would almost certainly work more consistently too.

I was unaware of it.
I’ll look into it.


I'm looking into some blogging apps, but until I find one I like and can afford I figured out a way to counteract the bug, but I just don't know how to write it.

I want to remember the position of the mouse before it gets moved and then cut the formatted text that is pasted at the beginning of the blog and past it back at the position the mouse remembered.

I would think that we would want to remember the position as the very first thing in the macro, IE before the Set Variable.

Here is the macro again...

Saturday Shortcut.kmmacros (6.5 KB)

I’m still messing around with this and trying to work around the bug that Peter confirmed.

The first option is there a way to remember where the mouse cursor like I asked above?

The second option that I have just been playing with, but can’t really figure out is rather than Insert Styled Text by Pasting to put the stylized text that is chosen SSMILF, SSMILF Saturday or SSMILF Saturday submission into a special Clipboard IE “SSMILF Saturday clipboard”

I’m not sure if I should use Set Clipboard to Variable or Set Vairable to Clipboard or if either of these are correct?

Hey Steve,

First option: Yes, there's a way to remember the mouse cursor location. Use a Set Variable to Text action like this at the point where you want the mouse's position to be saved, perhaps at the beginning of the macro:

44 PM

Then use the Use Variable action restore the cursor location at the point where you'd want to do so:

54 PM

Second option: It sounds like you're talking about named clipboards, and in that case, no, neither of those are correct. An easy way to set up a named clipboard is to go to KM's Preferences and select the Clipboards section, then create a new named clipboard with the + button in the lower left corner and paste the styled text there:

Then use the Paste from Named Clipboard action to paste it in a macro:

50 PM

I tried the MouseLocation method and it still brings the mouse back to the begging of the entry and not the previous location.

35 PM

SSMILF Saturday (Phrase entry).kmmacros (6.4 KB)

For the 2nd option, I'm trying to paste the stylized text that is chosen from the drop-down menu into the custom clipboard and then past that clipboard into the post at the mouse location.
Pasting stylized text from the custom clipboard seems to go where the mouse is currenty at with no problem, plus it does not wipe out when is in the System Clipboard that I would be using in the next step in the process.